Friday, March 23, 2012

Chanel Winter Nights Quad Swatches and Dupes!

As many of you know this eyeshadow quad was used in twilight breaking dawn part 1 for Bella's Wedding makeup.
Now many die hard twilight fans are on the hunt for it! Not even ebay has it!

Lucky for me my CCO had one left it happened to be a tester but had never been used.

Chanel Winter Nights Quad 

Mac Quad with shadows like winter nights

Mac: Satin Taupe, Naked Lunch, Rio de Rosa (Girlie could work too!) , Hocus Pocus (Black Tied could work too!)

Winter Nights

Mac Vs Channel

It looks as if satin taupe (mac e/s) is a dupe for the chanel brown, naked lunch looks as if it just about a perfect dupe for the chanel light champagne e/s, rio de rosa is not a perfect match for the channel pink but I think flute from mac or girlie would be! Lastly hocus pocus is not a perfect dupe for the chanel dark green black, I looked through all my eyeshadows to find a dupe for that shadow but came up empty handed, you could try using black tied from mac. 

have any other dupes for this quad, write them it the comments.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Urban Decay Primer Vs Too Face Primer

As most you know, many gurus on YouTube use urban decay primer. And when I first started makeup YouTube videos I did too! But when I started my second year of High School my eye shadow started to fade. Then it started to crease! Now it's not as if I'm running around all day, I just wanted my shadows to stay put.

I went on a mission to find the perfect new primer for my eyes, I started with what I had, kat Von d primer, which was okay but much to yellow for me! And it also creased and gave my shadows a yellow hue!

I still didn't want to give up, So next on my list was cliche cosmetics eye primer, I had heard about it from juicystar07. It was really good but worked as more of a base for me. When aplyed it added a lot of white to your eyelid. Meaning it muted it out! By far it worked the best, I still use it, but only for my dance performances. Since Cliche Cosmetics was made for dancers.

Mac Paint pots where next on my list since I had used them as a primer in 8th grade. Bare study was my favorite. They worked nicely but still they were only a base not a primer!

It soon became December and I had yet to find a new primer, I found my self on Sephora, they were offering a free holiday pep kit, which came with the candle light too face primer and some other makeup. I tried it as soon as I got it and new I needed the normal one, later that week I saw in the vib email that sephora was offering the normal min size too faced primer in the point perks, so I picked that point perk and new that was the primer for me!


Spring 2012 Fashion and Beauty Picks!

Hey everyone I know Im not the best blogger, but here are my picks for spring 2012.

1. Bright Nails
-OPI Rumples Wiggin' (Light Purple)
-Mac Little Girl Type (Little Purple Came out Spring 2011)
-Essie Van D' Go (Peach)
-Essie Turquoise & Caicos (Turquoise)
-Essie As Gold As It Gets (Gold Shimmer Top Coat)
-Ginger + Liz Boy Toy (Light Agua)

2. High Wasted Shorts
-Urban Outfitters
-American Apparel
-Thrift Stores

3.Crop Tops
-Urban Outfitters
-Abbey Dawn

4.Neon Bags
-Louis Vuttion Epi St. Cloud in Bright Blue (Thrifted from the '90s)
-J Crew

5.Butten Downs with No Sholders
-Urban Outtfitters (Urban Renewal)

6.UO Shoes
-Fun Colors

7. Sweat Free Makeup
-Light Wight Foundation
-No Black eyeliner
-Cream blush
-Bright Colored Eyeshadow (Pinks, Blues, Purple)