Friday, March 29, 2013

Review: Paul & Joe Face Powder N

The box and product packaging are gorgeous, lets just take a moment to take it in! The powder comes in a large vintage inspired container.

As you can tell this product is not travel friendly, this a product I have to leave out on my vanity because it is to large to fit in to my muji makeup containers. This powder comes with a puff which makes me think of the 1920s when the cosmetic industry first started. It makes me feel glamorous when I apply it. I've come to love powder puffs over this past month because its easy and effortless to apply powder with a puff.

This powder is truly vintage. The powder comes with a 'shifter' that is removable. The powder it's self comes wrapped up in a small circle box, which you have to cut open to get the powder out.

I got shade 01 which matches my skin tone perfectly. This powder has a strong rosé scent, which I've grown to love being that I used it almost every day the month of march 2013. This will add a small amount of coverage to your skin but its a sheer to almost medium coverage.

Product Break Down:
Price: 3/5
Packaging: 4/5 (because I live vintage inspired items)
Product: 4.5

Overall Rating 4/5

I would most likely repurchase when I use all my other powders up!

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