Saturday, April 6, 2013

Review: RAW Color Perfect Balance Concealer & Highlighter Trio

The trio comes in a sleek compact and is travel friendly. The box that the trio comes in looks similar to stila packing.

I got the shade light, this product was gifted to me by DermStore as a gift with purchase.

The product it self has two concealer shades and a highlight. One on the concealer shades is a more yellow while the other one is more pink tone, neither of the two shades match my skin tone.

I swatched all three on my hand, yellow toned concealer, pink toned concealer and champagne highlighter. All three of these are very dry and hard to blend out, I'm glad that this was a gift with purchase because this would be a product I regret buying.

In honor of spring I'm doing spring cleaning, so ill be tossing this product out.

Product Break Down:
Price: 1/5 (this is over $30.00 it's not worth the price)
Packaging: 3/5 (a high point on the product)
Product: 1/5 (dry and hard to blend out)

I would not buy this again and I'm really unhappy with it!

Review: Giorgio Armani Micro Loose Powder

The powder comes in sleek packaging, it's not travel friendly but it sure looks luxuries.

This powder also comes with a powder puff, now I'm not a gal who likes puffs but over this past month I've come to love them, it's easy and effortless to apply powder with a puff!

The powder also comes protected with a tape cover so no powder comes out before you buy it, how ever if you don't keep the puff in the packaging after you open it, powder can come out, if it tips over when your not using it.

The shade I got is 00 which is translucent, this shade is great if you want a powder that will set your makeup but not add extra coverage. I swatched a small amount of powder on my skin to show that the powder is white (translucent).

Product Break Down:
Price Rating 2.5/5
Product Packaging 3.5/5
Product 4/5

Overall Rating 3.5/5

I think it's a nice powder, however I wouldn't repurchase it.

Review: Paul & Joe Lipstick CS Refill Spring 2013

Paul & Joe Spring 2013 lipstick refills

The refills have a beautiful design on them, the box they come in have a unicorn on them.

This is shade 080 it is a hot pink color. On the top of the lipstick it has P&J and on the side it has a unicorn.

On the skin it comes up as a medium pink with a glossy finish.

Shade 078 is a nude

Shade 078 is a nude. On the top of the lipstick it has P&J and on the side it has a unicorn.

Swatched on skin is a Carmel nude shade with a glossy finish.

Product Break Down
Price: 2.5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Product: 5/5

Overall Rating: 4/5

Paul and Joe lipsticks are some of my favorite lipstick and I highly recommend them if your not a huge fan of lipstick and even if you love lipsticks you'll love these too!