Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring 2012 Fashion and Beauty Picks!

Hey everyone I know Im not the best blogger, but here are my picks for spring 2012.

1. Bright Nails
-OPI Rumples Wiggin' (Light Purple)
-Mac Little Girl Type (Little Purple Came out Spring 2011)
-Essie Van D' Go (Peach)
-Essie Turquoise & Caicos (Turquoise)
-Essie As Gold As It Gets (Gold Shimmer Top Coat)
-Ginger + Liz Boy Toy (Light Agua)

2. High Wasted Shorts
-Urban Outfitters
-American Apparel
-Thrift Stores

3.Crop Tops
-Urban Outfitters
-Abbey Dawn

4.Neon Bags
-Louis Vuttion Epi St. Cloud in Bright Blue (Thrifted from the '90s)
-J Crew

5.Butten Downs with No Sholders
-Urban Outtfitters (Urban Renewal)

6.UO Shoes
-Fun Colors

7. Sweat Free Makeup
-Light Wight Foundation
-No Black eyeliner
-Cream blush
-Bright Colored Eyeshadow (Pinks, Blues, Purple)

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