Saturday, March 10, 2012

Urban Decay Primer Vs Too Face Primer

As most you know, many gurus on YouTube use urban decay primer. And when I first started makeup YouTube videos I did too! But when I started my second year of High School my eye shadow started to fade. Then it started to crease! Now it's not as if I'm running around all day, I just wanted my shadows to stay put.

I went on a mission to find the perfect new primer for my eyes, I started with what I had, kat Von d primer, which was okay but much to yellow for me! And it also creased and gave my shadows a yellow hue!

I still didn't want to give up, So next on my list was cliche cosmetics eye primer, I had heard about it from juicystar07. It was really good but worked as more of a base for me. When aplyed it added a lot of white to your eyelid. Meaning it muted it out! By far it worked the best, I still use it, but only for my dance performances. Since Cliche Cosmetics was made for dancers.

Mac Paint pots where next on my list since I had used them as a primer in 8th grade. Bare study was my favorite. They worked nicely but still they were only a base not a primer!

It soon became December and I had yet to find a new primer, I found my self on Sephora, they were offering a free holiday pep kit, which came with the candle light too face primer and some other makeup. I tried it as soon as I got it and new I needed the normal one, later that week I saw in the vib email that sephora was offering the normal min size too faced primer in the point perks, so I picked that point perk and new that was the primer for me!


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